Bizagi versions (software upgrades)

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Bizagi versions (software upgrades)


Bizagi generates new versions periodically which include important improvements along with great new features.

It is strongly recommended to upgrade your projects to the newest release, so that you can enjoy all the benefits of Bizagi new features, enhancements, major improvements and bug fixes (maintenance).


The newest versions for all Bizagi editions are available for download directly at


You may also get Bizagi Studio prompt about the new version release (if your installation settings are configured to check for updates).


Bizagi versions

Bizagi versions are presented as described:



Within the Work portal, you may check which version of Automation Server you are using:





Consider that it should match the same major and minor version that you use in your development environment to build your processes:





Note that whenever a new minor version is available, by opening Bizagi Studio you will be prompted about the new release.

To learn the procedure to upgrade your Bizagi project to the latest Bizagi 11.1 release, refer to Upgrading the version.


Otherwise and if you will be performing an upgrade that shifts to a new major version, then you need to assess such upgrade as a migration procedure.