Metadata services

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Metadata services


Bizagi features OData services that help external applications work with the data held in Bizagi.

There are two OData services: one handling your own definitions (data) and the other handling definitions stored in Bizagi's model (metadata). as described at Bizagi API.

This section describes how to use the OData services that handle metadata (referred to from this point on, as Metadata services).



The Metadata services in Bizagi do not consider the context and information relevant to the user (Stakeholder) who makes the authenticated request, and does not return proprietary business information.



Resources of the Metadata services are available through HTTP GET actions.


Metadata services base URL

To access the Metadata services, start from this URL:




[your_bizagi_project_url]: Corresponds to the URL where end users access the Bizagi Work portal.

For on-premises Bizagi project, such URL would be:


While for Automation Service projects, such URL would be:



Resources in Metadata services

The following table provides a reference about further resources handled by the Metadata services:




URL example


Returns a list of all processes.

For more information about this resource and its features and query options, refer to Processes metadata.



Returns a list of available Stakeholders available.

For more information about this resource and its features and query options, refer to Stakeholders metadata.



Returns the details of the current project.

For more information about this resource, refer to Project metadata.



The definitions above relate to an HTTP GET action with the base URL ([your_bizagi_project_url]/odata/metadata):


 "@odata.context": "[your_bizagi_project_url]/odata/metadata/$metadata",

 "value": [


     "name": "stakeholders",

     "kind": "EntitySet",

     "url": "stakeholders"



     "name": "processes",

     "kind": "EntitySet",

     "url": "processes"