User profile data

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User profile data


Bizagi features an OData service which handles aspects of the Experience design, as described at Data services.

Through the UserProfile URI, you may query data related to the authenticated user.



This resource is available for all users, regardless of being Stakeholders or not.


Resource URL

Start off from the following URL:




[your_company]: The name of your company.

[your_project]: The name of your Bizagi project. Recall that for environments other than the production environment, the project includes a suffix referencing the given environment.



This resource is available through an HTTP GET action.



The following image illustrates how you can send an HTTP GET for this resource:






Querying this resource yields the following structure of information:


 "@odata.context": "http://[your_company][your_project]/odata/data/$metadata#userProfile",

 "": "http://[your_company][your_project]/odata/data/userProfile",

 "userName": "tomh",

 "domain": "agilityCorp",

 "fullName": "Tom Hall",

 "email": "",

 "picture": "http://[your_company][your_project]/odata/image?code=ew0KICAiaWRVc2VyIjogNg0KfQ==",

 "userInits": "TH"