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Cases search


Bizagi features OData services, which handle a comprehensive set of resources, some which enable you to work with cases.

The following section describes how to query the basic metadata of a case given its case identifier.



This resource is available for all users, regardless of being Stakeholders or not.


Resource URL

Start off from the following URL:




[case_number]: Corresponds to case identifier, which can be a customized string (i.e, using sequences; not necessarily an integer).

[your_bizagi_project_url]: Corresponds to the URL where end users access the Bizagi Work portal.

For instance for an on-premise Bizagi project, such URL would be:


While for Bizagi PaaS projects, such URL would be:




The following image illustrates how you can send an HTTP GET for this resource, by using as an example the following:





Returned results consider (inside of the value element): The unique URL to access that specific case.

Id: The case internal ID (an integer).

caseNumber: The case identifier, just as it was specified for the search.

solutionDate: The date in which the case was closed.

creationDate: The date when the case was started.

processName: The name of the process.

closed: Either true if the case has finished, or false if it is still in progress.



In addition to the above, for every set of results returned by the OData services, the successful response includes a set of standard properties which are preceded by the @ sign. Such properties are described at Properties and querying options.