Work Portal Administration

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Work Portal Administration

In the Work Portal the Admin menu allows accessing several options to administrate the following Bizagi elements.








Allows the administration of the Parameter Entities in order to modify, add or disable records. For further information please refer to Parameter entities values in the Work Portal


Allows the administration of the users, to update existing users or create new ones. For further information please refer to Users Administration

Business Policies

Allows to manage Business policies, Policy groups, Preconditions, Decision tables and vocabularies in real time.

Theme Builder

Allows defining and configure the Work Portal look and feel. Customize colors and fonts according to your corporate image with this powerful editor.


Allows defining which users are Stakeholders and edit their Stakeholder related information.

Authentication Log Query

Allows administrators to generate a log for authentication events of end users with Bizagi's Work Portal (such as failed log in attempts or successful ones, or log off events).

Password Encryption

Encrypts the password used to access the database in order to increase information security.

Locked accounts

Allows to see pending request related to blocked user accounts. For further information please refer to User Pending Request


Allows to reassign Activities or abort cases.


Activities Console

Allows to manage asynchronous tasks that have failed.

Manage Default Assignation User

Allows defining and editing the default assignation users of the Processes. Remember that a default assignation user is used to assign cases where allocation criteria is not met. For more information about default assignation user please refer to Work Allocation


Allows to include or delete users from the following items: Position, Role, Skill ,User group and Organization. View Profiles for further information


Allows to generate warnings or alarm notifications when an Activity is about to expire, expires or has expired.


Allows the administration of the Licenses


Allows creating, editing and deleting Dimensions

Manage Process Time

Only available in production environments. Allows the edition of process and task times.


Allows to modify a holiday schema without deploying the entire project. This is deeper explained in the Holidays section.

Project Name

Allows to edit the name displayed in the mobile Bizagi application.

Language Settings

Allows to enable and disable the application multi-language support.



As this menu allows modifying different elements that affects the functionality and execution of processes, we recommend reviewing the security options to restrict access according to users profiles.