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Welcome to Bizagi PaaS and thank you for choosing us as your Digital Business Platform in the cloud!

We are excited to have you as a customer and looking forward to offer you a positive experience with Bizagi PaaS.


This welcome package is meant to ensure a smooth adaptation to your new service, while providing you with the resources and information to guide in your very first steps.


What to expect

Your subscription to Bizagi Cloud entitles you to:

Ready-to-use cloud environments as defined during your purchase (i.e, one production environment; plus a testing environment if applicable, and a staging environment also if applicable).

Access to the Management Portal for you and any other admin users you wish to grant access to, in order to manage these cloud environments.

Technical support with an online ticket portal enabling easy communication and follow-up on your side.

Further options regarding SLAs of technical support, apply as defined during your purchase.




You are in charge!

Cloud environments are ready to be used by you, though, this does not mean that these already have running processes and applications in them for your end users.

Recall that you, as a customer, are completely in charge now of the content (business applications) that gets published inside these cloud environments, and when it is made available to your end users.


You may choose to explore, validate or become familiar with such cloud environments right away.

And most importantly, you may publish and roll out business applications to these environments at any time from this point on.


Further reading

Throughout the following sections, you will be learning about:

The different type of users (i.e., roles, profiles) expected to work with Bizagi PaaS.

How to perform common admin tasks for your Bizagi PaaS subscription and cloud environments.

What are the next steps to publish and roll out business application, and how to work with a development (authoring) environment.