Admin access and registration

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Admin access and registration


Bizagi subscriptions have an account Owner, who has full control over the subscription. In addition to the owner, admin accounts can be granted control as well.

Owners of a subscription can manage everything, including user access, projects, environments, resources and posting support tickets.

Admin accounts have the same access as Owners, but they cannot remove an owner from the subscription.


When a commercial agreement is in place Bizagi will create the Owner account, who will receive an email with the user name (that will always be his/her email) and a temporary password that should be changed the first time the user logs in to

This is the seed account who can then proceed to add all other Admin accounts.


To add users follow these two steps:

First, add admin users to the support tickets platform. This will grant them access to the Support platform where they can post support tickets.

Then, relate added users to the Cloud subscription. This will grant them access to manage users, projects, environments and resources.


Add an admin to the tickets platform

The first step is to add users to the Bizagi tickets platform. This will create their user name and password to access the Support platform and enable the owner to relate the to the subscription.


To add users as subscription admins the owner should log into

Once in the site go to Administration.


User registration1


In the User Administration site click Add New, and add an admin user.


User registration2

Fill-in the user's information. Remember that the email will be his/her user name.


User registration3


All created users will receive a welcome email and will have access to the Support tickets platform through:


User registration4


All information regarding Customer support can be found at Bizagi Customer support, to learn about the site access, how to post tickets and their followup.


Add an admin for a subscription

To add someone as an admin for a subscription owners need to include them through the Management Portal (once they have been created in the tickets platform). Admins added through the Management portal will have full access to the subscription, the projects, environments and resources.


As the owner (or admin already added to the subscription) Sign in to the Management portal:

On the Hub menu, select the subscription that you want the admin to access.

Go to the Users tab and include the users using the Plus icon on the bottom.


You can add one or more users at a time. After a user has been included to the subscription they will have full access management through: and


Please refer to Management Portal for complete information about the management of the subscription and all projects.


User registration5