Users management

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Users management

In this tab, you can manage (add and remove) the  users who have access to your subscription. All users included in this tab will become admin users and have access to the Management Portal.




Share subscription

To share the subscription, select the Share Subscription option located in the plus icon.




You will be prompted for the email address of the users you wish to share the subscription with. Enter their email and click Add.

If you want to share the subscriptions with several users, mark the option Share with more users. If the option is not chosen the window will be closed after the Add button is clicked.




Once finished, the users will be added to the list.




Stop sharing subscription

To stop sharing the subscription with given user, click on the trashcan icon (Unshare1_BMP) in front of the user




You will be prompted if you want to stop sharing this subscription with the user.




When clicking Ok, the user will be removed form the list of users with access to this subscription, that is to say that the user will no longer have access to the subscription, from Bizagi Management Portal.


Take into account that you cannot stop sharing the subscription with the owner user nor yourself.