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This topic describes the upgrades procedure in Bizagi PaaS and applies for all testing and production environments without distinction.


Upgrade - update

Whenever a new update/upgrade of Bizagi is available, Bizagi will inform all its PaaS customers and provide documentation and release notes.

Customers will decide when to upgrade and will use the PaaS Management Portal to execute the upgrade procedure.


Requesting a version update or upgrade

On the PaaS Management Portal administrator users can identify a list of all new versions that are available and applicable for upgrading for each environment (Testing or Production) along with the highlighted features and corresponding release notes for each one. Before upgrading, we strongly recommend reviewing the release notes to decide which one to use.

The admin user should select a version from the list and click on the Upgrade button. This sends a request to Bizagi and our team will schedule the execution of the upgrade at an agreed date and time with the client.


Recommendations for upgrades

Always test a version upgrade in a test environment before requesting an upgrade in a production environment.

When the testing environment has been upgraded, carry out a thorough test of the entire solution to check that it functions as expected.

If the result of this test is successful, proceed to upgrade the production environment.

If possible, keep the testing environment in a version equal to or higher than the production environment.


Upgrades and downgrades execution

All upgrades and downgrades will be managed by Bizagi exclusively. Upgrades and downgrades can cause a small amount of downtime in the target environment. We strongly recommend scheduling these procedures during non-working hours.

Bizagi will inform the client of the release of a new version

A list of valid updates/upgrades for each environment (testing, production) is available on the PaaS Management Portal.

The client can request an upgrade of the Testing or Production environment by selecting an update or upgrade and clicking on the Upgrade button

Bizagi will proceed to execute the changes, for which we request the following information:

oThe best date and time to perform the upgrade

oThe person or persons who should be informed

Once the update is complete, an email will be sent to all contact persons informing them of the update.


Downgrade request

Bizagi is completely compatible between versions. This grants clients the flexibility to downgrade (as well as to upgrade) between versions, to satisfy business needs.

Whenever upgrade tests are not passed or new versions applied do not meet the customer’s requirements, a downgrade button is available for each environment. This sends a request to Bizagi and our team will schedule the execution of the downgrade at an agreed date and time with the client.

Downgrades will revert the environment to the immediately former version, but will maintain the data entered during the tests.



The customer is autonomous and responsible for requesting any desired upgrades for each environment of their solution in Bizagi PaaS.

Upgrades in Bizagi PaaS are requested by the customer and managed by Bizagi.

Upgrades for the on-premise development environment are the customer’s responsibility. We strongly recommend to keep the development environment up-to-date the latest version (found at http://www.bizagi.com/en/products/bpm-suite/studio).

Upgrades are done for each environment. That is, all environment in the solution are independent of one another and so are their upgrades.

There must be a deployed application in an environment to perform an update.