The Support Platform

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The Support Platform

The Support Platform presents a UI which guides you towards submitting a ticket to Bizagi's support team, while promoting that you can easily first ensure that a self-service resolution to your incident is not available and documented.


This means that as a general recommendation, before submitting a ticket, it is strongly encouraged to always use the search option to find information.

The search option automatically looks for you, that question or incident's description in this User Guide, in the free Forums and in Bizagi's Knowledge base.


This is the fastest way to provide verified resolutions to your incidents and to frequent consultations.

There is an appointed Bizagi team behind who is constantly in charge of improving documentation and adding valuable content regarding frequent reports or concerns which are received periodically through the support channels.


Support Platform Access

To enter the Support Platform access

You will see a screen similar to that one shown next:




On the upper frame you will find the Login option, which will allow you to identify yourself as a customer and access our services.



Please note that the Support Platform undergoes UI improvements, and therefore, it is possible that some of the screenshots shown in this document have slight changes.

Though, the philosophy behind and the main steps involved in submitting tickets and further interaction with the Support site will remain the same.


When you access this option, you will find a page similar to the one on the image below, where you will be prompted for your credentials (email and password).

If you purchased a Bizagi Cloud subscription, you don't need to create a new account and instead you will use the account's credentials as appointed to you at the moment of the purchase.




Click Login.

Once you have logged in, you will be redirected to the Customer Portal, where content is only available to customers, where you can access the Support Platform.