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The Text element presents read-only texts in your Site. Texts can be fixed (defined in the Sites Editor) or dynamic, resolving the XPath of an existing attribute when the page is contextualized. You can think of Text element as titles, a set of instructions or useful information that can be displayed but not changed.




Text types

Bizagi features two main types of text in order to allow you build your site with predefined styles; these styles are Headers and Paragraphs and include several types




Manage content

If the page is contextualized, this option defines whether the content is dynamic or static using the property Context data. When Context data is true, the property Select xpath is displayed, to select the attribute to be displayed.




When Context data is false, the property Message is displayed to set the static content.


If the page is not contextualized, the content will only be static.

Use this option in order to type the context of the text element




Displays a set of properties oriented to customize the image.






Font family

Defines the font family of the text element. Default value is Open Sans.

The available font families are:



Font size (px)

Defines the size of the font selected.

Letter spacing

Increases or decreases the space between characters. Default value is 0.


Defines if the text is aligned to left, right or center. Default value is left.

Font color

Defines the font color of the text.

Background color

Defines the color of the text background. Default value is transparent.


Defines whether the text will be displayed in bold. Default is false.


Sets the default values for all the properties.