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The Search element connects Data Searches created for a given Stakeholder, with bundle elements to allow end users to perform searches.





A Bundle element (Card Link, Image Gallery, Image Carousel, List View) must be configured before the Search element as the container where the search results are displayed. Otherwise, the end user will not see any results.

Searches can be approximate or exact.

Searches over multiple attributes are not supported.

Searches can also be configured when the data to be displayed is related to Cases.


Manage content

Set the Search button name and its Search placeholder.





Displays a set of properties you can use to customize the image.






Background color

Defines the background color of the search. The default color is white.

Button back color

Defines the background color of the search button. the default color is defined by the theme selected.

Button font color

Defines the font color of the search button. the efault color is defined by the theme selected.


Resets the default values for all the properties.



You can configure the bundle element within your site where the search results will be displayed.

Before configuring the actions, you have to connect the bundle element to the search.

Click the Search_03 icon to open the Actions window.






Current Page | Navigate to...

Define whether the bundle element where the search results are going to be displayed is located in the current page or it is located in another page. The default value is Current Page.

Select page

Set the page where the bundle element is located. When you select this option, the user will be redirected to the page you specify when the search is performed.

This option is only available when the Navigate to... option is activated.

Bundle elements list

Displays a list of the bundle elements of the selected page where the results of the search can be displayed. The elements are presented in the order in which they appear in the page from top to bottom.

Select action

Select the action to be performed when the search button is clicked. The default value is search.

Select field

Select the string-type property of the Data Search over which the search will be performed.