Scaling an environment

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Scaling an environment

You can scale the Performance Level of an environment up or down to match demand.

This procedure assigns a new set of resources to support the new Performance Level (number of BPUs) without a service disruption.

This option is available for Enterprise subscriptions.



Changing the Performance Level

You can scale up your Performance Leve during the time the subscription is active. When you scale up an environment, there is no data loss and the task goes on without significant disruption.

You can also scale down to reduce capacity of the Performance Level chosen, at the time of the subscription renewal.


To request a change in the Performance Level, locate the Change category option within the three-dotted menu of the environment.




Choose the new Performance Level and click the Change category button. This sends the request to our team which performs the adjustment.

The list of available Performance Levels is here.



When you scale the performance level of your environments up or down, Bizagi provisions and creates different sets of resources and services, and then switches connections over to the new sets.

No data is lost during this procedure.

A downgrade is subject to database and files size. If the current size of your database or files exceed the Max file storage and/or Max DB storage of the selected category, the downgrade cannot be executed.

When you scale up, Bizagi invoices the yearly prorated fee, charging for the additional resources for the remaining days until the end of the subscription year.

Bizagi does not refund payments when scaling down.

Changes are reflected in the invoice for the next billing period.