Round Button

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Round Button


The Round Button element enables you to display a circle button that allows you to set navigation to a page (internal or external), or to start a new process instance of any process hosted in your Bizagi PaaS Project.





Labels cannot be configured on Round buttons.



Displays a set of properties oriented to customize the Round Button.






Icon color

Defines the icon color of the icon. Default color is #373737.

Background color

Defines the background color of the button. Default color is defined by the theme selected.

Button size

Select the size the button, whether Small, Medium, or Large. The default value is Medium.




Allows you to define if the icon will be aligned to left, right or center. Default value is center.

Border size

Select the border size in pixels of the button. The minimum value is 0 px and the maximum is 19.5 px. The default value is 1 px.

Border type

Defines the border type of the button. The possible values are Dotted, Dashed, Solid, Double, and None. The default value is Solid.

Border color

Defines the border color of the button. Default color is defined by the theme selected.


Sets the default values for all the properties.