Resouce monitoring

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Resouce monitoring


Monitoring an environment's resources (storage and BPUs) is done through the Activity Monitor. Each environment has its own independent monitor, accessed using the Activity monitor icon.





Each time the resource monitoring is opened, the Usage, Daily and Monthly tabs are displayed and recalculated. By default, the Usage tab is opened.




All tabs display different information so you can stay up-to-date with the current environment.

The indicators shown are described next.



The usage tab displays the BPUs and storage usage, based on the available BPUs.





This tab displays the BPUs usage for each day. When hovering over the chart, the table details each day. With the buttons in the bottom of the chart you can navigate through the days the environment has been active.




You can also see how many BPUs have been used since the creation of the environment. When hovered, information about each day's cumulative BPUs usage is shown.


Cumulative BPUs



You can also see BPUs consumption by month. Hovering each bar will display a table detailing information about each month. With the buttons on the bottom of the chart you can navigate through the months the environment has been active.