Projects information

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Projects information

In the Projects tab within the Management Portal, all projects of the chosen subscription are listed.

Bizagi PaaS ecosystem consists of four products: Run, Sites, Datasets and Artificial Intelligence (AI). You can filter which product you wish to see or manage by selecting the filters you want to use.




You can view your project's details and items by clicking on your project name. Bizagi allows you to access the item's Project Board by clicking on it. You may also go to each product's main board by clicking on the Go to Project Board link beside the product name.





All of your Bizagi projects will be listed in this section. Each project displays the number of active, created and with-error environments. Expand each project in order to view the environments created. Every environment displays its name and status.  

In each Active environment, you have the following options:

Run icon (Run_BMP) allows you to execute the Work Portal in a new window. The Work Portal allows end users or testers to work with the uploaded application (make sure you have previously deployed a package to run. If you have not, the server will display an empty Work Portal).


Management Console icon (Run_BMC) opens the Bizagi Management Console. This option is only available for Enterprise Subscription. The Bizagi Management Console allows users to manage and monitor your Bizagi PaaS subscription and project environments, and to perform maintenance activities. For more information refer to Bizagi Management Console.





Total environments: Displays the total number of created environments.

Active: Displays the number of environments with an uploaded (deployed) package.

Created: Displays the number of environments without a deployed package.

Error: Displays the number of environments with error(s) when running the uploaded application.

When an environment present errors, please contact support team using the Technical support option.



Currently, Run is the only feature available for Enterprise subscriptions, the others will become available soon.



All of your Sites included in the chosen subscription are shown in this section. You can go to the Site's editor by clicking on the Go_to_site  icon.




For more information please go to Bizagi Sites Portal



All of your datasets created within the chosen subscription will be shown in this section.



It is possible to go to any of the default environments Bizagi creates for your datasets by clicking on the assigned icon.





Testing environment.


Production environment.


Development environment.


For more information please go to Bizagi Datasets Portal.


Artificial Intelligence

All of your Artificial Intelligence models created within the chosen subscription will be available in this section. It is possible to visit a model's portal by clicking on the Go_to_site icon.




For more information please go to Bizagi AI Portal.