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1.Do I need to download or install software to use environments of Bizagi PaaS?

No, Bizagi PaaS and its cloud environments are ready to be used without needing to consider other software.

End users, testers or admins need only a browser to access such cloud environments.

End users or testers may optionally download the Bizagi app (from the iOS App store or Google Play) if planning to use mobiles.


2.Where can I find full documentation on Bizagi PaaS?

For a deeper understanding of all features specifically applying to the cloud environments and their management, detailed procedures on how to configure different aspects for your environments (e.g., authentication and authorization aspects, integration with your systems, end users accounts, etc), please refer to our online Bizagi PaaS help at


3.What should I do if I need help?

Please let us know about any technical difficulty you are facing, or questions you may have about Bizagi features, by submitting a ticket directly at

To submit a ticket, please login with your account and follow the instructions presented in the Technical Support document.

If you are experiencing any difficulty when logging in to, while attempting to submit a ticket, with the on-boarding process, or regarding the scheduled training programme, please contact us at


4.What if I need to change or review the acquired features of my Bizagi PaaS subscription?

If you have doubts about the acquired features included by your subscription (such as the specification of delivered cloud environments, support plan, or any other included starter packages), terms of this subscription's contract, or you wish to request changes, please contact us at


5.How do I manage other settings and environment parameters of Bizagi PaaS?

In order to configure settings and parameters of your testing, staging or production environments, you need to use Bizagi Management Console.

To learn about Bizagi Management Console for use in cloud environments, refer to the RDP access to Bizagi Management Console document.