Managing User Groups

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Managing User Groups

To manage user groups click on the Manage groups icon on the dashboard's top right corner.




The Work Portal will display a dialog with all the available groups. Please note that these groups are different from those defined on Bizagi Studio; these groups are exclusive for Live Processes. Click on the create group button to create a new group.





The Work Portal offers a default user group that assigns automatically access to the Admon user, even when the group is not explicitly designated.


A dialog will be displayed requesting group name and a brief description. For this example's sake the group we'll be creating will be named "Expenses Group". Once you type your group's name and a brief description click on the save button.




Once your group is created, the next step is to add users to it. To do this, select your group and then click on the green plus icon and start typing your user's name.




Bizagi will start showing the users whose name contains what you're typing. Select the user from the list and they will be added to the group. Add all the users you wish by typing their names and selecting them from the list.




If you wish to delete a user on your group, find it on the users list on the right and click on the delete icon on the right.




To delete or edit your group, click on your group's three dot menu and select the action you want to perform.




If you click on edit, a dialog will display where you can edit your group's name and description. To save changes click on the Edit group button.




If you choose delete, a confirm dialog will show, click accept and your group will be deleted.