Managing cloud environments

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Managing cloud environments

To manage any of the cloud environments above, as an admin using self-service options, access the Management Portal at with a browser of your choice (Chrome is recommended).


1. When directed for authentication, enter your authorized credentials and click Login when done.

Notice you don't need to register, but simply use the credentials you were appointed with when purchasing your subscription:




2. Go into your subscription by clicking on it:





3. Locate the Run category and click on Go to project board:




4. Identify all your applicable cloud environments (testing environment is identified with a Import_testing icon while a production environment is identified by the Import_production icon).




At this point, you may manage environments through the use of the options shown below: Import process, Run, Maintenance window or Activity monitor.






Import process

This option allows you to publish new content (in the form of processes and applications) into your cloud environment.

For further information and a detailed procedure on this option, please refer to the From Studio to PaaS document.



This shortcut allows you to launch a new browser tab with the URL address having your published content available to your end users.

End users will access this URL, and authenticate to work on the processes and applications.


Access your production cloud environment, just as your end users would do it, via a browser at:


Access your staging cloud environment, if purchased one, just as your testers would do it, via a browser at:


Access your testing cloud environment, if purchased one, just as your testers would do it, via a browser at:



You may verify that such environments are presented to end users with a login screen:




And you may log in just to check that access is Ok with the default system user. Use these initial credentials for this purpose (you need to change them afterward):

User: admon

Domain: domain

Password: [ADMON_PASS]


Maintenance window

This option allows you to temporarily stop your cloud environment's service, for the purpose of your own maintenance tasks.

Clicking on this option will commence with planned downtime and allow you to publish changes into the cloud environment.

Clicking on it a second time, will enable the service back up again.  

Further detail on its use and applicability when importing processes, is specified in the From Studio to PaaS document.


Activity monitor

This option allows you to track resource consumption, narrowed down by daily or monthly usage, so that you can decide to scale up or down your cloud environments.

For further information about this option, please refer to the Resource monitoring document.