Creating additional admin accounts

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Creating additional admin accounts

To add admin accounts so that these are granted with technical support privileges, follow these steps:


1. Log in at

Access with a browser of your choice (Chrome is recommended).

Notice you don't need to register, but simply use the credentials you were appointed with when purchasing your subscription:




2. Add new users in the Bizagi tickets platform, and input detail on the user name and password.

This automatically enables the account for that subscription's support.

For this, go to Administration.


User registration1


3. In the User Administration site click Add New, and add an admin user.


User registration2

4. Fill-in the user's information. Remember that the email will be his/her user name.


User registration3


All created users will receive a welcome email and will have access to the Support tickets platform through


User registration4


In case that you need to grant that same account with additional admin rights so that it can be used to manage the subscription as well, follow these steps:


5. Go to the Management Portal at and click on the subscription that you want the admin to access:




6. Go to the Users tab and include the admin account by using the Plus_icon icon located at the bottom.

You can add one or more users at a time.


User registration5.min



7. Ensure you create a support ticket to confirm that you have purposely done such change/delegation.

After users have been included in such subscription list, an explicit notification is needed from your side so that the change is effective and considered secure.

Submitting a support ticket is done at

Instructions to submit a ticket are presented in the Technical Support document.


Once the support team confirms its reception, users on that subscription list will have full management access to the environments (accessible directly from or