Managing accounts entitled to support

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Managing accounts entitled to support

For your organization, there is an appointed user having the possibility of creating and managing additional accounts to register incidents (a super user).

Usually that user is the one having purchased licenses or a Bizagi Cloud subscription, or the first user that was enabled for your organization for our Support Platform during that process of purchase.


To manage admin accounts, ensure you access with such super user's credentials and browse into User administration.




There you will find a list of enabled users that can access the support portal.

You may add, edit or delete users.





Consider the following design aspects of the Support Platform:


Each account is independent from one another. This means that even if more than one account belongs to the same organization under the same contract (purchased licenses or Bizagi Cloud subscription), these accounts will not be aware of tickets reported by others.

That is, tickets and their detail are only visible to the account which submitted that ticket.


If you need more than one people from the organization appointed to manage these users or to manage the tickets in a centralized way, then our recommendation is to create a single account that is shared between your multiple appointed users.

For example, create as a distribution list and relate all the users that will manage tickets, so they can all receive our support's team notifications.