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Management Console Web




Bizagi's Management Console Web is a lightweight console used by Automation Service to administer Production or Test environments and to perform maintenance activities such as: following up on scheduled jobs, setting execution traces, manage scheduler operations, start maintenance window and reviewing connection parameters configured to integrated with external systems.



Take into account the following considerations when using Bizagi's Management Console Web:

The Management Console Web is available for projects from version 11.2.2.

The following features are not included in the Management Console Web and should be configured in the Management Console RDP:

oWorking Time Schema

oUser Groups

oDelete Cases

oAdmin Password



oExcel Connector

oHot deployment


Options available in the Management Console Web

The Management Console Web provides the following options.





Enables to set the environment configuration, synchronize data and start the maintenance window.

For more information, refer to Environment.


Enables the definition of the set of permissions for the Work Portal menus and processes, based on specific roles and user groups.

Enables the definition of the LDAP configuration.

For more information, refer to Security.


This module presents options to configure settings for the external systems integrated to the solution.

Such external systems include data providers for replication and virtualization, interfaces for Web or REST services invocations, and ECM repositories.

For more information about these options, refer to Connect.


This module presents options to manage the Scheduler and its jobs.

The Scheduler is a service created in each Bizagi project, to carry out jobs such as: sending alarms, triggering timers (activating timed delays), executing replication, and running custom jobs and Asynchronous Activities.

For more information about these options, refer to Scheduler.


Enables the tracking of Tracing and Event logs files generated during the execution of your deployed project.

Using this option, you can also generate the BPU report.

For more information about these options, refer to Track.


How to access the Management Console Web

From version 11.2.2 or above, open the Management Portal.




The window displays all subscriptions that you are a part of, in Bizagi's Automation Service. Click the subscription that hosts the project you wish to manage though the MC Web. The management portal displays that subscription's options.




Locate the specific project and click Go to Project Board, next to the Run option. A new tab on your browser displays details of the project and the management options.




Access the Management Console Web by clicking its icon, circled below.



Note that the URL of the Management Console is similar to that of the Work Portal. The only difference is that adds "manage-" before the URL of your Work Portal.




Management Console Web Settings

You can configure the following settings using the gear button located on the bottom of the left panel:


Account information: Lets you change the password of the admin user. The user admin can be the same user who owns the subscription and is the user who has the permissions to access the Management Console Web




Change Administrator: Lets you change administrator user of the Management Console Web. Once the user has changed, the new admin user receives an email to set their password.