Loading Users to the Cloud

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Loading Users to the Cloud



Cloud Management Console allows you to upload your users to the Cloud through a CSV file. This is a tool designed to make your life easier when you deploy in production. You can load all of your users with just a CSV file, nothing more is needed!




How to load users to the Cloud?

First of all, select the authentication type on the Management Console. By default other authentication types is selected.




Bizagi offers a template for your CSV file to help you upload your users. To download it click on the Download template button.




The columns on your CSV file should be the ones listed below, they depend on the authentication type you selected. Changing the column's order will not affect your upload.


Authentication type


Custom, oAuth or Federated

fullName, userName, contactEmail, domain, enabled, notifByEmail, notifByMessenger, notifByCell


fullName, userName, password, contactEmail, domain, enabled, notifByEmail, notifByMessenger, notifByCell


There are two ways to upload your CSV file. One is to drag and drop it into the Management Console's upload panel; the other is clicking the upload panel and selecting your file on the File explorer.





To avoid problems with your upload, we strongly recommend the following:

Passwords should not be included when other authentication types is selected.

Ensure your file avoids empty lines.

Make sure the number of columns match those on the header.


Bizagi will check if there are duplicates in your file, however make sure your file doesn't duplicate users that have already been loaded.


Once your file us uploaded, it is read and processed automatically. You can see the file details, such as: file name, processed lines, read fields, and number of users to load. If no errors are found the Save Users Data button will be visible. Click on it to save the new users in the Cloud.




The new users will now be part of the users list in the Work Portal.




That's it! You've successfully loaded your users to the Cloud!