Importing end users into Bizagi PaaS

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Importing end users into Bizagi PaaS


Web methods published for EntityManagerSOA are useful to access the Processes data model (i.e to obtain or update business information related to existing cases, get, insert or update lists of values in Bizagi parameter Entities, amongst others).



This Web service and its methods, are found at the http URLs described below.

In Bizagi Cloud projects, Bizagi web services are located as:



Web methods

The EntityManagerSOA web service that allows importing users, offers the following methods:


saveEntityAsString: Is used to save and update data in Bizagi using an string XML.

saveEntityWithKeyAsString: Used to update an entity having, as parameters, an XML in string format with the data and the key for the entity.



Additional web methods not explicitly listed above are deprecated and should not be used by new projects.

Such web methods are mainly shipped in Bizagi for backward compatibility purposes.