Following up tickets and updating them

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Following up tickets and updating them

Open tickets are available for follow up or for updating their information.

And this must be done exclusively through the Support Platform, as this is the regular channel for interaction with the support team.

This means that you similarly access the Support Platform as when submitting a new ticket, only this time you may use a quick link that takes you to a list of your existing tickets.




Clicking on a specific ticket takes you to a detailed view of that ticket.

You may use further options or filters as described below.


Filters and Search

There are three filter options in this page:

Status Filter. It allows filtering cases according to their status. These are the options:


oAll Tickets

oOpen and recently closed




To use the filter, you must select one of the options and click the Check button.

Date Filter. When you select this checkbox, the start and end dates are displayed. Once the range is defined, the data will be filtered after pressing the button.


Keyword Filter. With this option you can filter tickets containing words and letters that are useful to find a ticket quickly.





Ticket Updating

Once you have found the ticket you want to update, you must access it by clicking on the subject:




New comments can be sent at any moment during a ticket’s life cycle.

These will be received by our support team (except when it has already been closed). You can always attach new files to comments.




Every time our support team generates a new comment for a ticket, a notification will be sent to the registered e-mail address and to the address stipulated in the Send copy to field.




When done adding a new comment or attachment, click Submit.