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Consider the following frequently asked questions regarding tickets and the Support Platform.


1. How can I check expiration dates on support of a product version (End of life)?

As Bizagi evolves and new product versions are released, old ones lose their validity. For this reason, we define a date when said versions lose support. This information is updated in our support site for organizations to plan accordingly. To check this information, you can access through the link highlighted on the image below once you access the ticket enquiry and establishment screen:




2. How can I change my password?

If you need to change your site access password or modify any other account information, you can use the option Edit my account that appears on top of the site after you have logged in, as you can see in the image below:





Once the option is selected, a screen similar to the one below appears. There you can change your password, as well as other account details:  




3. How can I retrieve my password in case I forget it?

If by any chance you have forgotten your password to access Bizagi Site, you may use the option available on our Sign In screen:




If you select the "Forgot your password" option, you will be prompted for the e-mail address associated to your account. In a matter of minutes you will receive in your mailbox a password that you must type on the screen that appears after you have registered your e-mail address. The screen is similar to:




Once the password is verified you will be able to change your current password for a new one.


4. Are any additional tools used aside from access to the Support Platform?

The exclusive channel for ticket interaction is the Support Platform. However, in order to facilitate assistance for open tickets, we may use additional tools which are aimed at providing a better service, such as:


Skype. For communications we use this tool, namely through the Skype account Bizagi support.


GotoMeeting. This is a remote access and conference tool that enables access to our clients’ environments through a browser, as well as allowing them access to our environments to work as a team in the assessment and solution of an incident.


ShareFile. File sharing is usually done through a secure site: Bizagi.Sharefile.com. Every time you need to send a file to Bizagi Support, the corresponding link will be provided through a post on the ticket.



5. What are the tickets' SLAs?

Bizagi offers 2 support levels: the Standard Support Service included with your purchase (no SLAs), and the Premium Support Service (defining SLAs), which you may purchase separately according to your requirements:


Basic Support Service

To receive basic support you must have an active maintenance support contract. Maintenance includes product upgrades/updates and basic product support. Basic Support allows customers to open tickets in Bizagi Portal which can be used to make simple consultations regarding product functionality. Also to report bugs, errors or suggestions for product enhancement. It does not offer any Service Level (no SLAs).


If you have implemented important or core business processes in your organization, we recommend that you opt for one of the Premium Support options described below in order to receive the support with the SLAs that your business requires.


Premium Support Service

This service was designed for those companies that require service levels and special attention to their incidents. This is an optional service, aimed to complement the Basic Support included in the maintenance. The Premium Support Service is based on incidents and is offered in three modalities: Bronze, Silver and Gold, depending on your service level (SLA) requirements and number of pre-paid support hours. In order to have access to this service you must have a current and valid maintenance contract for your Bizagi licenses.


The Premium Support programs differentiate from the Basic Support scheme in the sense that they include SLAs and specific time dedication from our support team, which depends on the selected option: Bronze and Silver (5x8) and Gold (7x24).

If you are interested in learning about the full Terms and Conditions and pricing of the Premium Support Service, contact your Bizagi sales representative.