Bizagi Studio cloud development environment

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Bizagi Studio cloud development environment


Bizagi PaaS offers a ready-to-use development environment for customers to build their own applications.

This development environment is delivered with all services, components and products already installed and configured, in order for customers to start working on their business applications right away and directly in the cloud.


Bizagi Studio

The development environment features Bizagi Studio, the product used by process analysts or developers to build the applications.

Bizagi Studio promotes a corporate set up supporting collaborative and simultaneous team work (matching the number of development users as purchased per the subscription contract).


Access to the development environment

In order to use the development environment, Bizagi Studio users need only a browser to access the environment securely via HTTPS.




Scope of this document

Throughout the details and instructions described further on in this document, Bizagi Studio users will be instructed on how to access the development environment to work on their applications.



Before you start

Before getting into details regarding the development environment, acknowledge the following terms and aspects:


1.Users granted to access the development environment

2.Related to the above, note that you may set in Bizagi any type of supported authentication such as local one, or an integrated one with your ADFS system, Azure AD service, or corporate LDAP.

This setting is completely independent from the access configuration to the development environment.

3.The development environment is accessed via remote services through a URL.

This URL directs you where you can download access files to Bizagi Studio, and you will notice that when working with Bizagi Studio, you may launch a browser accessing the Bizagi Work portal of the development environment.

The Bizagi Work portal has a different URL aimed at allowing you to perform unit tests and do quick prototyping on the processes implementation.

4.Accounts at are also meant for a separate purpose.

A registered account at is not needed to work in the development environment, though it is helpful to submit support tickets.

Note that it is recommended that the account managing the Bizagi Cloud subscription determines who will be in charge of submitting support tickets to Bizagi.