Access to Bizagi Studio

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Access to Bizagi Studio

For Bizagi Studio access, consider the following steps.

Note that steps 1-3 are applicable for the very first time when accessing the development environment.

If accessing for a second time, you may start from step #4.


1. Browse to the development environment.

Open a browser and go into the Remote Development URL.

The URL appointed to your subscription is:






2. Type in your Bizagi Studio credentials.

Specify the following credentials:

Domain\user name: BIZAGI\[your_first_name].[your_last_name]


Please use the initial random password as provided to you.


When done, click Sign in:




For the above, consider:

The domain name is fixed (always set as BIZAGI).

Replace [your_first_name] and [your_last_name] accordingly (by your first and last name), and while removing the brackets ( [ ] ).

First-time access will present you with an option to change the password for your Bizagi Studio credentials.

After a successful password change, make sure that you remember the new password and use it from this point on to access the development environment.


3. Download the direct connection to Development environment tools.

Once logged in, you will notice you are presented with 4 shortcuts:

Bizagi Management Console: The application used by Bizagi Engine to perform maintenance activities such as: following up Scheduled jobs, changing the SMTP Server for notifications, setting execution traces, setting authentication and authorization, reviewing connection parameters configured to integrated external systems, amongst others.

Further detail about Bizagi Management Console use is described at Using Bizagi Studio.

Bizagi Studio: The main application used to model and implement business processes.

Further detail about the Workfolder use is described at Using Bizagi Studio.

Task Manager: A tool to perform specific maintenance activities with Bizagi Studio.

Use the task manager whenever you need to restart Bizagi Studio.

Workfolder: A repository having access to complementary programs and work spaces as needed when developing processes with Bizagi Studio.

This repository is common and shared among the team working on the same set of processes.
Further detail about the Workfolder use is described at Using Bizagi Studio.





Ensure you click on all icons to download the direct access (first on Bizagi Studio and then on WorkFolder).

Your browser should prompt you about downloading an .rdp file.


Make sure you accept.




Repeat this step to download the WorkFolder access and Bizagi Management Console.


Notice you may rename these access files (e.g, if you consider a name that is more descriptive to you), or place them as well in path that is easy for you to remember and use:




4. Connect to Bizagi Studio.

Click on the downloaded .rdp file to open the direct connection once you have downloaded them.

Ensure you tick the Don't ask me again for connections to this computer checkbox and click Connect:




Ensure you use your Bizagi Studio credentials as described in step #2 when prompted:




Notice that a successful connection displays a Windows task bar message regarding the use of RemoteApp and desktop connections.


At this point, you should see Bizagi Studio loading up.

When done, you may start working on your processes as described in the next sections.

You will use the access to the WorkFolder progressively, later on while working on the implementation of processes.