Importing the Bizagi certificate

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Importing the Bizagi certificate

Before moving on, ensure that you have received the Bizagi certificate file, having .pfx file extension.

Once you have verified this, follow these steps:


1. Open the .pfx file.

When opening the .pfx file, you should see a Certificate Import wizard launched to assist you with this one-time Import procedure.

Ensure the Store location is set to Current user, and click Next:





2. Confirm the file to import.

Ensure that the file name for this .pfx file matches the one you selected and click Next:




3. Provide password details.

Type in the following password:



Ensure that the Include all extended properties checkbox is ticked and click Next:





4. Choose the certificate store where the certificate is placed.

Select the Place all certificates in the following store option, and click on Browse... to locate Trusted Root Certification Authorities:




Once you verify that Certificate store: specifies the above definition, click Next:




5. Confirm the summarized details.

Ensure the settings for the Import matches your definitions and click Finish:




Before proceeding, you will be prompted for a new confirmation, but this time displaying the name of the Bizagi Cloud development environment as contained in the Bizagi certificate.

Click Yes to continue:





6. Close the Certificate Import Wizard.

Ensure the procedure is finished and it displays a success message.

Click Ok:




At this point the import is completed and you may proceed by accessing the Bizagi Cloud development environment.