SMTP service

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SMTP service


You can easily set up the connection to your corporate SMTP service, as described at E-mail services, so that you can:

Send customized notifications to your users or customers, regarding the business.

Have Bizagi send out automatic notifications regarding a task being ready to be worked on (as soon as it is allocated).

Rely on alarms set off as reminders for tasks which are overdue.


This section describes how to configure E-mail service to use an SMTP-compliant server.



In order to set up such connection, go to the Configuration tab and locate the Environment option:





In there, under the Popular tab, locate the Email configuration group.




Proceed to configure further parameters as described below, while ensuring that you specify them differently according to each environment (Development, Testing and Production) at each of the different tabs:




Enable Email

Allows or restricts Bizagi to send all types of business and automatic e-mails.

If checked, e-mails will be sent.

If not checked, e-mails configured all along processes will be ignored.

SMTP Server

Defines the name of your corporate SMTP server.

Note that if you are using an on-premises server, you need to ensure that you have a VPN set up or that your SMTP server is reachable from Bizagi PaaS.

SMTP Server Account

Defines the account (or e-mail address) used as the sender of e-mails.

Ideally, you should use an e-mail address using a no-reply naming convention or something similar, so that recipients do not send replies.

Send Email Copy to

Defines an account to which a carbon copy of each of all the e-mails will be sent.

Send Email BCC to

Defines an account to which a blind carbon copy of each of all the e-mails will be sent.


Therefore, note that you should tick the Enable Email checkbox if you wish for this configuration to become active, or similarly leave the checkbox unticked if you wish to disable e-mail notifications (for instance as a temporary measure to focus tests on the process workflow).

Click Ok when done.



Before the first deployment, the configuration for all of the environments is set in the Development environment through Bizagi Studio. And, the first deployment will publish this configuration to each environment.


Henceforth, changes to the SMTP parameters need to be done locally in each environment through management options.


Additional information

The above connectivity setup to your SMTP server, allows you to make use of:

Automatic notifications for allocated tasks:




Business notifications at any point of the process:




Recurrent alarms: