End user experience with Sites

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End user experience with Sites


Bizagi Sites for Automation Service, is an application which lets you create multiple rich and ready-to-go portals, as described at Bizagi Sites.

End users access sites to make the most out of a friendly and powerful UI centered around content and leveraging data, as described in this section.


To use Bizagi Sites, your end users need an active account to the project and to be Stakeholders of the project.

This means, for the Bizagi Authentication for example, that end users need to enter a username (including domain) and a password to log in.


Make sure you perform several acceptance tests with a created Site before making it live to end users.

We strongly recommend testing with your Automation Service Testing environment data initially, and then changing the Environment configuration to the Production environment once test results are satisfactory.

To change Environments refer to Edit Sites Configuration in the Dashboard.


Using Sites

Once your Site has been created and published using the Sites Editor, you can share the generated URL to the end users who have access to the project.

End users can use the created Site using Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.


End users need to log in using their Bizagi credentials, as if they were logging into Bizagi's traditional Work Portal.




Once the user has logged in, they can see the site as it was created for the Stakeholder to which they belong to: