Publishing a Site

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Publishing a Site


Bizagi Sites for Bizagi PaaS, is an application which allows the creation of multiple rich and ready-to-go portals, .

Once you have created a site and designed its UI, as described at Creating a site, you may decide to publish it to make it available to your Stakeholders over the internet.


Publishing to the different environments

You can publish the same site to different instances corresponding to different environments (Development, Test and production).


You can publish your site as many times as you want and each publication will be a different instance of the actual look of the Site.






1. Click Publish located on the top right corner of the screen.




2. Give a name to your site and select the environment (Development, Test or Production) where you want to make it available. Then click the Publish button.




3. Once the publishing is complete, Bizagi Sites will list the publication details.

Ensure you copy the URL so that you can share it to your end users.




When you make changes in your Site click refresh (BizagiSites_Refresh) in order to make the changes available.

If you want to delete a published site, click the trash can icon (BizagiSites_Trash).


At this point your site is ready to be launched, click the Open button and see the results.