Creating a site

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Creating a site


Bizagi Sites for Bizagi PaaS, is an application which allows the creation of multiple rich and ready-to-go portals, as described at Bizagi Sites.

In order to get started, you will need to create a site (i.e portal) as described in this section.



To use Bizagi Sites, consider the following requirements:

Supported for Bizagi PaaS projects.

Stakeholders configuration is needed.

Supported browsers for Sites Editor: Google Chrome.



Bizagi sites relies on the use of OData services as provided by Bizagi API.

It also employs cookies to manage sessions.



Perform the following steps in order to create a new site:


1. Log in to the Management Portal.

You need an Enterprise or Personal subscription in Bizagi PaaS, as described at User access and registration.



Login window for Personal subscriptions


2. Enter into your subscription details.

Once you log in to the Management Portal a list of the current projects is displayed.




3. Go into Sites page.

When accessing the list of projects in your subscription, go to the Sites tab and click Go to Project Board.





4. Create a site.

In the Sites Dashboard click Create a new Site to start the Create a Site wizard.

A series of 3 guided steps will follow that will allow you to easily configure the site.


1.Select the Bizagi PaaS project and the project's environment to which your site will be connected.

Recall that Bizagi projects and environments listed as available will be those belonging to the same Bizagi PaaS subscription.





Click Next.


2.Mark the Stakeholders which will be enabled to use the new Site.

Bizagi Sites will display a list of available Stakeholders who are allowed to have access to your site.





Note that when a Stakeholder is selected the BizagiSites_SelectedIcon icon will be shown.


Click Next.


3.Give a Name to your site, and select the folder where your site will be created. You may choose to create a new folder by selecting the option Create new folder and typing its name.

Under the Summary section, Bizagi Sites displays the information you have configured to create a new Site.




Confirm if the Site configuration is correct by clicking Choose a Template.

Otherwise you may go back to any step you want by clicking the according step on the left.


Select the template you want to apply to your new site.

Hover the template you want to select and click View Details if you require further information about the template. if you don't want to select a template, you may click button in order to start building the Site.




In the template details, you may browse the possibilities by using the left or right arrows at each page (marked with the number #1 in the image below), and similarly switch to a different overall template by clicking on the name of the template at the rightmost of leftmost part of the screen (marked with the number #2 in the image below):




Notice that the selected template or page layout will be the one where you are at.


Once you are done  click the Start Building.

You will be immediately presented in an edition mode for your new site.

At this point, you have created your first site and you may start freely defining which elements you will present in its UI.


To edit and build the Site, you will be using the Sites Editor.




To learn how you may start building a Site with full details, refer to the Sites Editor.

To view a simple example on how to build a site by quickly customizing content of a template, refer to Designing and customizing the experience.