Bizagi Cloud Overview

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Bizagi Cloud Overview

Service overview

Bizagi Cloud is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) that provides all the power of the Bizagi Digital Business platform directly in the cloud. It is powered by Microsoft Azure and leverages the best techniques to offer a secure, reliable and high performing cloud platform to test and run your business applications.


Bizagi Cloud provides flexibility and control over your costs so you can start small and scale up or down based on business needs, enabling true agile experimentation. The pricing model is ,therefore, based on usage exclusively and there are no limits on the number of users, servers or applications deployed on the platform.




Bizagi Cloud is for all your test, non-production and production environments. The authoring or development environment (Bizagi Studio) can be downloaded and located on premise on your local machines. Once applications are built, they can then be deployed and executed on Bizagi Cloud using an easy to use, web-based management console.  


Benefits of this model include:

Low start-up costs

No upfront costs

Fast ROI

Predictable pricing

No technical barriers

No manual maintenance


Key service features

Key features when deploying on Bizagi Cloud include:

Industry leading technology services

All infrastructure and services monitored 24/7

Data security

System reliability

Scalability to meet even the most demanding of workloads

An unlimited number of applications.

An unlimited number of users working on the final applications.

Fast deployments


Your applications with Bizagi Cloud

This service focuses on empowering the customer to dedicate all their efforts to the development of their applications (building and managing them, and considering continuous improvement), while Bizagi takes care of all the administration and management of the infrastructure and services.


Customers run their applications with Bizagi Cloud by:

Requesting the Testing and Production environments needed for operation.

Deploying their content to those Testing and Production environments (content refers to applications built by customers  while using Bizagi Studio).

Please note that the customer is the owner of the data and applications that are deployed in Bizagi Cloud and customers retain all titles, intellectual property, and other ownership rights in all modeled applications.

Customers are also enabled to decide which applications to deploy, when to deploy them, and exactly where to deploy as well as where exactly to deploy them (by considering using a previously requested Testing or Production environment through the Management Portal).

Managing their applications by using one or more admin accounts.

Admin accounts that access the Management Portal allows customers to monitor the solution (in terms of performance) and perform any of the options listed above.

Additionally, customers can also use an admin account on the Bizagi Work portal for identity management and access in terms their customers end users.


In order to work with running applications in Bizagi Cloud, admin accounts and end users need a browser (or mobile device) and a broadband internet connection.





Bizagi provides, manages and administers all services and underlying technology that form Bizagi Cloud as a whole service, so that:

1. The service is highly secure, reliable and scalable.

2. You will not need to perform IT-related tasks regarding services and assets used by Bizagi Cloud. Instead, can you rely on the efficiency of experts with the skills, knowledge and resources for the different tasks.



Service pillars and further information

To learn more service pillars in Bizagi Cloud please refer to:





To learn about the architecture, please refer to Bizagi Cloud architecture.