Granting access to Live Processes

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Granting access to Live Processes


Bizagi features a double permission layer to access to Live Processes. The first one is through Bizagi Studio's Security menu, and the second layer is trough the Work Portal, where owners can set Collaborators, authorize users for case creation and allow users to generate reports.


Granting Live Processes permissions from Studio

All users can access the Live Process menu by default. If you wish to limit access, you can do so from Bizagi Studio's Security module, or form the Management Console.

For more information, please refer to how to grant access to Work Portal's menus.


With the Live Process security menu you can also control which users have permission to manage groups for Live Process administration.




Granting Permissions from the Work Portal

The following permissions can be granted through the Work Portal, by a process owner:


Authorization: a Live Process owner can authorize users to start new cases of a published Live Process. This way, the Live Process will be available for end users in their New Case option of the Work Portal.

Collaborators: a Live Process owner can work collaboratively in the design of a process by adding Collaborators. Collaborators can create and modify the process flow, create and edit Forms, promote to Pilot and Published and manage a specific process. The privileges granted are the same as the owner has, except from deleting, adding collaborators or changing the process owner.

Reports: a Live Process owner can add users to generate Reports of a specific process.



Permissions granted in Bizagi Studio are independent from the rights given in the Work Portal, this means that:

If a user is denied permission to Manage Live processes (this permission can be set from Bizagi Studio), he will not be able to access the Live Processes Dashboard from the menu. Nevertheless, if a process owner adds him as a collaborator to a live process, he will be able to edit, create new versions, promote it, etc.

A user that has been allowed to generate reports over a Live Process from the Work Portal will be able to do it,  even though he might have been denied the permission to Manage live Processes.

If you want to prevent a user from creating, editing, or performing any other action over Live Processes (except from reports), you need to deny his permission to Manage User Groups and to Manage Live Processes. Such permissions can be set from the Security settings in Bizagi Studio.