Application integration

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Application integration


Bizagi PaaS introduces a service oriented architecture, which from its very design, is cloud-centric.

The cloud-centric architecture in Bizagi PaaS relies on a highly-modular and loosely-coupled structure which leverages modern technologies and services, so it is recommended that your applications are designed and implemented while integrating with other systems and applications based on the same principles (service orientation).


Best practices dictate that systems and applications you want to integrate with, should offer a services layer and be set up with due security measures and should be technically adequate (i.e, in a DMZ), so that your Bizagi PaaS applications make the most out of a cloud-centric architecture which considers security, reliability and scalability.



In scenarios where your systems and applications do not meet with a service oriented architecture, you can consider establishing a VPN as described in VPN setup.


In terms of achieving application integration based on service orientation, we recommend using Bizagi Connectors for RESTful APIs, or Bizagi Web services connector for SOAP web services.

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