E-mail services

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E-mail services


With Bizagi Cloud, you may configure your processes to rely on e-mail services so that your processes can:

Send customized notifications to your users or customers, regarding the business.

Have Bizagi send out automatic notifications regarding a task being ready to be worked on (as soon as it is allocated).

Rely on alarms set off as reminders for tasks which are overdue.

Integrate the processes' workflow so that tasks can be completed via e-mail replies.


Further information

When integrating an e-mail service for the possibilities mentioned above, refer to the following links:

To learn how to configure an e-mail service for both customized and automatic notifications and alarms, refer to SMTP service.

To learn how to configure an mailbox to which replies are sent and processed, in order to complete work in your applications, refer to Completing tasks via e-mail.