Verifying changes and possible rollbacks

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Verifying changes and possible rollbacks


Once you have imported processes to an environment of your Bizagi Cloud subscription, as described at Importing processes, ensure you verify that your environment behaves as expected.



Verifying the deployment

After a successful deployment, you will be notified that processes have been imported and your changes are ready to be used in the target environment.


Running an application in Bizagi PaaS

Once the project is ready to be executed, a ready tag will be displayed in the environment. Click the run button to launch the work portal in another window. The displayed URL of the work portal will change according to the executed environment.

For Enterprise users, the executed Work Portal URL will start with your company name, followed by For example.

Replace <companyname> with the name given by your enterprise to Bizagi Cloud and replace <projectname> with the name of your project.

You then be prompted for your credentials of your Bizagi application.


For Personal users, the executed Work Portal URL will always start with a random string, followed by