Cloud applications - Alpha version

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Cloud applications - Alpha version


When having a subscription in Bizagi PaaS, you are entitled to the use of different Cloud applications provided by Bizagi.

Cloud applications provided by Bizagi allow you to go beyond process execution, and work with your data by exploring fields such as artificial intelligence (predictive analysis), by integrating reporting tools of your choice, or by creating portals centered around a richer user experience.



Cloud applications are in Alpha version and can be test-drived in trial subscriptions (not available for Enterprise).


Further information

The following image briefly describes how are such Cloud applications intended to work with Bizagi PaaS projects.

Recall that a Bizagi project has 3 different environments (Development, testing and production) and it can also hold any number of business processes in it.




Every cloud application has its own Project Board where all options to manage it are available.

You will find the basic and most used options for each application directly in the Management Portal. All other functions and advanced options are available in each application's Project Board.




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