Bizagi PaaS Trial environment

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Bizagi PaaS Trial environment


Bizagi Cloud trial allows you to test-drive our cloud PaaS offering and experience the power of Bizagi Digital Business Platform in the cloud.

Create as many projects as you want with as many environments with all the capabilities offered by Bizagi Cloud, to test drive how to deploy applications built in Studio.


With Cloud Trial environment, users can:

Create projects

For each project, create one or more test environment.

Deploy their own process applications designed using the Bizagi Studio



Trial projects are created in a Multi-tenant cloud

All environments created have a basic Performance Level with 0,5 BPUs and 2 GB for file storage.

Trial environments cannot scale up or down

They are not enabled for production purposes.



Request a Bizagi Cloud Trial

The first step to access Bizagi Cloud Trial is to create a Bizagi account in All users that intend to obtain access to Bizagi Cloud Trial need an account.

Once you have a Bizagi account you need to request a trial environment. Send an email to including your name and email. When your subscription is ready you will be notified via email. Bizagi Cloud Trial environment is accessed through







How long does the free trial last?

There is no time limit, but environments get cleaned up every three months. After a long period of inactivity the subscription will be deleted.


What is included in the Cloud Trial Environment?

Once you request a Cloud Trial Environment, you are enabled to create one or more projects and environments to deploy your own solution.

In Trial, you have a Project with basic Performance Level (0,5 BPUs and 2 GB for file storage).

For more information about what is a BPU, please refer to our Cloud documentation Guide.


How can I manage my trial subscription?

Using Bizagi Management Portal which is a secure site where owners can manage Projects and Users created.

For more information about the Bizagi Management Portal site, please refer to Bizagi Management Portal.


Invite as many users as you need to your subscription. This way all users can work collaboratively on the same projects.




How can I upload a process?

Processes are uploaded through using a package (.bex file) generated using Bizagi Studio.

You can upload a package either using your own processes or downloading a ready-to-use package that includes two processes from our Process Xchange (Vacations Request and Purchases) clicking here.

For more information about how to create a package, refer to Exporting an application.

For more information about deploying to Bizagi Cloud, refer to Import an application.


Go to Run and click Go to Project Board link in order to access the Run site.




How can I access the Environment's End user portal (Work Portal)?

Once you have a Bizagi Project deployed in an environment, a ready tag will be displayed in the environment. Click the run button to launch the Work Portal (this will open a new window).

The URL of the Work Portal will be[UserName]/[ProjectName]/


[UserName]: Username of the environment creator.

[ProjectName]: Name of the project where the environment was created.


This URL can be shared in order to let other users interact with your application.




Remember that a Cloud project cannot mix Studio projects. All environments are tied to the project made in the first project deployment.


Can I create projects and environments?

Yes, since you are in trial, you can create more projects in the subscription, and you can create more environments per project.

IMPORTANT: In Trial, it is not allowed to create Production environments.





How many packages can I upload?

You can re-deploy as many packages as you need per environment as part of continuous improvement. Recall that once a package is uploaded to an environment, this will be tied to this project and environment, it is not possible to combine projects.


Can I send emails from a Process Application deployed in Bizagi Cloud Trial?

Yes, all Cloud Trial environments rely on a SMTP server configured by default. All email messages as well as all automatic notifications configured in Bizagi Studio will be sent, when Email notifications is enabled in the deployed package. This option is located in the Production tab within Bizagi Environment options.

Email messages will be sent using the address:

For more information about how to create an email template or enable notifications, refer to Defining notifications.


Can I cancel the trial?

Yes, just Contact us and the subscription will be deleted.