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Bundles display several items, or collections in a range of layouts.

Bundles can display fixed content, that does not change over time, and dynamic content when connected to Bizagi Data such as collections, cases and searches.



The following layouts are available:

Image Gallery

Image Carousel

Card Link

List View


Manage Content

Manages the definition of the content to display whether Fixed or Dynamic.


Fixed content

This option adds a collection of fixed items.


Image Gallery and Image Carousel

The following image illustrates options for an Image Carousel layout:




Card Link

The following image illustrates options for a Card Link layout:




List View

The following image illustrates options for a List View layout:




Click Add new item to add a new item to the list and click any of the options to customize it it.

To delete an item, click its trash icon.


Click Switch to Dynamic Content  to populate the bundle with data related to a Stakeholder in your Bizagi Project,


Dynamic content

This option adds a collection of dynamic data fetched from the Automation Service project related to the Stakeholder's Collections, Searches or Cases.

Click the Switch to Dynamic Content button to start the Connection Wizard.





Connection Types

You can populate your bundle using one of the following Connection Types:



Collections have direct or indirect one-to-many relationships between the Stakeholder and another entity. These relationships are created explicitly in the data model in Bizagi Studio.



Searches are configured for a Stakeholder and context in Bizagi Studio. They display any kind of data within the project, and can potentially launch actions for the matching records.



Displays the list of pending cases of a given process, that are currently allocated to the logged-in user.

For each case, actions can be available if configured in Bizagi Studio. End users can work on a case by clicking the View case option.




Using this option, end users can complete allocated activities from within the Site.


Refer to step 2 of Designing and customizing the experience to see an example of how to connect the bundle.

Click Switch to Fixed Content button to populate the bundle with fixed data,