Resetting an environment

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Resetting an environment


Bizagi's Run Portal lets you reset your Bizagi server, which is like cleaning up the cache of a browser, to allow changes you deploy to be updated in the Work Portal.


On your environment find the three dot menu and select Reset.




When you select any of these options, Automation Service displays a warning dialog about the consequences of performing the reset. If you're sure you can perform the reset, tick the check-box and click OK. Click cancel if you decide not to do the reset.


Full restart





As Full restart service cleans the cache of the forms, your users may experience delays after they open a form, this occurs only once.


Partial Restart





Full restart

Partial Restart

Restarts application

Restarts Engine

Restarts Scheduler

Cleans application temp files

Cleans forms cache


If you click Ok, Automation Service displays a Resetting... notice and performs your environment's reset. Once it's done, the Resetting... notice disappears.