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If you have Traces set up on your project, all files generated as a result of them are accessible under this section.


The Tracing module has two tabs:





In this tab, you can see the traces generated in your projects. The visualization tab appears, as in the image below.




Here, four features are highlighted:

1. Filters: Using the Date from and Date to inputs, as well as the File name input, you can limit the list of the files displayed to make it easier to locate the file you want.


2. Select files: Select a set of files for deletion.




3. View: Click this button on a specific file, to display its online preview. This way you can quickly check a couple of records or get an idea of the information contained in the file.


4. Export: To download a Trace file for your own reference or analysis, click this button. The system prompts you to provide a file name and choose a location for the Trace file on your machine.



In this tab, you can enable or disable the traces to be displayed in the Visualization option. Once you open this tab, you see the objects and components available:





The traces that you can configure through the Management Console Web are the same that can be configured in Bizagi Studio. For more information about these traces, refer to Tracing Configuration.


Defining the trace detail

To decide what alerts to trace, and to what level of detail, in the selected Tracing option, navigate the tree menu to locate the trace type you want and select the three dot menu and define the detail level (None, Information, Warning, Error).



By default, Web_MC_058 None is selected and a minus sign appears for each trace object/component.

When Web_MC_059 Information is selected, the trace file logs warnings, errors and step-by-step information about the executed commands. This option traces all the log levels.

When Web_MC_060 Warning is selected, the trace file logs both warnings and errors.

When Web_MC_061 Error is selected, the trace file only logs errors.


You can select each trace type (and its subtypes) and select a trace detail configuration for each. If you select a parent level, all its children will have the same level, but you can change the level of any sublevel to set it independently.