BPU Monitoring

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BPU Monitoring

To enhance the analysis of your processes performance, you can generate a report containing the BPUs use: the report contains the average BPU use within the last ninety days, per month, process type, and detailed processes.


Download the BPU Report

You can generate the BPU usage report from the BPU monitoring option. Then click Download the complete report.




The report is automatically downloaded; locate it on your computer and select it to open the PDF file.




The report presents the environment, the project's version, and the number of active users.

To generate values in the report, a process must be executed from the start to the end.


The BPU Last 90 days monthly average group:

Has three logs which present the total BPUs consumed in the range of dates that appear.

This indicator covers processes, live processes and plans.


The BPU last 90 days total usage per process type group:

Has three logs: Processes, plans, and Live Processes.

Each register shows the total BPUs consumed on the last 90 days.


The BPU last 90 days detailed report group:

Has a unique table listing all the process that exist in the data base and the total consumption for the last 90 days for each of them.