Cloud Operational Data Store

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Cloud Operational Data Store


Operational Data Store is a service available for Automation service customers. This service consists in a near real-time replica of the production environment's database so you can perform queries from third party reporting tools.


Service characteristics

The replica is a created in the near real-time frame. So the information of your production environment can be queried for reporting purposes. For example using Power BI.


The ODS has the following characteristics:



The size and performance of the ODS is the same of the customer's production environment.



The connection between the Operation database and the Reporting database is encrypted.

Reporting database is encrypted at rest using TDE.

To access the database, the TCP port 1433 is used.

The customer can define IPs addresses to grant access to the replica through firewalls. So only defined sources can consult the reporting database.


Accessing the ODS

A user is created in the reporting database using the db_datareader role. This user is available to consult information of the database, using the credentials provided by Bizagi.

The permission of the user allows to read information from third party tools.

You cannot run scripts that update or change the information neither in the reporting or operational database.

The connection string has the following format:


User ID=<UserName>@[serverName];Password=<Password>;



This service does not include query design. It is recommended to request Bizagi professional services to define queries and best implementation practices for your business needs.

The ODS includes information of the production environment. This does not include attached documents.