Business Insights for third party tools

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Business Insights for third party tools


There  are  business  scenarios  in  which,  you  may  want  to  expand  the  features integrated with Bizagi using business report tools such as report generated with Tableau, PowerBI, Crystal informs, SQL Server reporting services, Jasper, among others.


As our customers want to generate reports with the most updated information of their Project, in real time, and achieve a Business Data Analysis, Bizagi features two services, that are additional to the purchased Automation Service plan:


Datasets  service:  this  service  enables  customers  to  create  and consume contextualized and denormalized business data. With  the  Datasets service, customers can simply push the desired information at the right moment of the case flow. For more information, refer to Datasets service.


ODS: Bizagi creates a replica of the Production database with read-only capabilities for customized reporting purposes. With it, customers can execute queries directly to it, without affecting their Production processes in the main transactional database. This service requires  an  intimate  understanding  of  the project's data model and Bizagi's database  to extract this information from the ODS database. For more information, refer to Cloud Operational Data Store.